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paving tar-Chip

There is nothing better looking than a natural gravel driveway.  But after the rain and winter plowing you are left with a mess of stones all over your lawn and mud back in the driveway.  What if I told you there is a solution to this?  The solution is tar and chip and it has been around for decades. The steps to completion are as follows; we spray a hot asphalt emulsion as an adhesive, then place a small stone gravel on top of the old blacktop, after the gravel is placed we compact with a roller. However, tar and chip can be applied several different ways; over an existing blacktop driveway or road, or if there is not an existing blacktop base currently we would apply a large stone gravel that allows for the small gravel to lock in place with the tar.  

Tar and chip is cost efficient compared to a complete blacktop replacement driveway. However just like any type of driveway there are maintenance requirements to this but it is very minimal.

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